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Working as a team has always been highlighted as the reason why some organizations are successful while others have been struggling. There are businesses that value the teamwork strategy, and they cannot attempt to handle anything in their daily business activities without having input from all the players. However, other organizations are very different. Every individual handles their tasks without involving other members of the company. These are the entities that have been struggling to have an impact.

As for Stephen Bittel, the issue of teamwork is not a choice in the organization. It is a necessary strategy that every other employee should adhere to if they are focused on the affairs of the organization. That is why he has proved to be a shrewd business person who has dominated the property business despite all the known challenges. It is clear that he has not been doing it alone in this organization.

According to Stephen Bittel, encouraging teamwork may seem like a traditional operational strategy, especially to smaller and modern organizations. However, no employee has been equipped with the skills to make sensitive and critical independent decisions concerning the well-being of the organization. Despite all the experience that such employees have accumulated over the years, it is essential for them to work with other individuals in the company.

Teamwork helps in ensuring that all the employees are on the same page. It builds harmony, which has been fundamental to the growth of Stephen Bittel and his business. When everyone in the organization is pulling in the same direction, things are done quickly, and the company is consistently growing. However, companies that encourage independent working lack harmony among the workers. Most of these businesses tend to have some fragmented goals from various groups in the company, which compromises the company’s fundamental objective.

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