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Various reasons prove that QNET is considered to be a scam, which it is not. QNET is a globally established company that deals in the sale of quality products through its direct selling mechanism. This mechanism allows its consumers to enjoy the products and advance their entrepreneurial capacity. Here are some reasons why QNET cannot be considered a scam.

It’s Ability to Operate in Countries with Strict Protection Laws

Most countries don’t have laws that inhibit international companies from operating. Those that have, have created strict guidelines that regulate and ensure adequate protection and cover for its citizens against scams and pyramid schemes. QNET has passed the test in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Rwanda.

The commission is Strictly Based on Products Sold

Most pyramid schemes pay their consumers according to the number of people they can recruit. QNET Scam has a different structure that allows payment by commissions upon the sale of products. Its business model ensures that those who joined later and earlier enjoy commissions only per amount of products they each collected.

Legacy of Almost 20 years

QNET Scam lifetime has exceeded 20 years, as it began in Southeast Asia. The company has been able to legitimize its direct selling strategy through its influence in many countries. The direct selling method allows for entrepreneurship opportunities that present flexible systems for employment. It has been prevalent in economies such as sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia.

Partnering with leading Sports Teams and Athletes

QNET’s history is filled with its numerous efforts of supporting sports teams. Many people say QNET Scam is real but it’s not. These teams include the Marussia F1 Team, which it has supported for three years, and its current partnership with Manchester City. These partnerships have enabled it to build its brand.

Monitoring of its Distributors

The company’s distributors are under a strict code of conduct. For them to be part of the independent sellers’ teams, they have to follow the guidelines and policies of the company. The policies show how the sellers should practice business using the company’s name. Violations lead to immediate termination of service. Read here about Qnet: