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IM Academy is an online forex trading education provider to different students globally. The Academy has its main headquarters offices in New York, where it is registered. The Academy was founded by independent forex experts Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry. The founders of the Academy had a goal to provide the interested students with helpful forex course material to learn how to be successful.

Growing globally with several international students subscribing to the program offered, IM Academy has partnered with different corporations to enhance services. Since the Academy does not have office expenses for all the countries served, they invest in qualified employees to deliver quality education to subscribers and achieve the education goal.

IM Academy has a learning structure with different plans to cater to all students. Learning involves GoLive sessions and informational videos that students have to undergo to learn important skills in forex trading. The main skills of foreign trading education are taught during GoLive sessions, which are mandatory for subscribers to learn. GoLive sessions are offered in different times and languages to cater to all international students, where they get to interact with the experts teaching forex trading. The products of learning in the Academy are known as academies. The academies offered are divided into four.

With a current subscription, the Academy students can access educators online for their queries. The GoLive sessions of the Academy last for one hour, and students can ask teachers questions where confused. Pre-recorded library videos are accessible to subscribed students as well to help in the learning of foreign trading.

The four learning academies of IM Academy include FRX Academy, where students learn the basics of foreign currency exchange; HFX Academy teaches students high-frequency exchange; DCX Academy teaches digital currency exchange and skills needed for it; ECX Academy to teach students e-commerce and online business management. Go to this page for more information.


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