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Pam Baer is a community leader in San Francisco, who is recognized for many things. Some of the notable titles she gets to carry are successful businesswoman and philanthropist. Through her philanthropic ventures, she gets to spend her time advocating for something so close to her heart, healthcare.

How did Pam Baer end up in philanthropy?

Pam Baer has had her focus on philanthropy from the time she was young. The wake-up call for her to get serious with this venture came about when her son got into an accident.

The San Francisco General Hospital played the most significant role in restoring his health; this motivated her to become a San Francisco General Hospital Foundation member and, after that, a lifetime director. One of the most remarkable achievements Pam Baer had experienced with the foundation since 2018 when she became a lifetime director, is the amount of funds she has helped the Foundation raise. To date, Pam has helped the foundation raise $250 million.

Further, Pam runs the Hearts in San Francisco Project; through this event, Pam Baer gets to touch the lives of another group of people close to her heart, the artists. Funds raised from this event go towards the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. The event’s theme is usually heart-shaped sculptures made by artists that come from the Bay Area. This event which is now termed the Hearts Project, was started in 2004.

To demonstrate the event’s seriousness, Pam Baer has been successful in having a heart-shaped sculpture gain a permanent spot at the Union square. The various heart-shaped sculptures that get auctioned have been a symbol of the unity of the bay area residents. The sculptures demonstrate the compassion the community has for its hospital and fellow community members. Pam Baer advocates for the installation of art in San Francisco because she knows that art promotes unity and benefits the artists. See this page for additional information.


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