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Dr. Andrea NataleWith authorities imposing regulations because of Covid-19, many planned group events had to reduce numbers while others canceled altogether. The restrictions cut across numerous sectors, including entertainment. Venues such as concerts, athletic stadiums, and movie theaters shut down. Business-related and educational events were also affected worldwide.

Most academic facilities opted for virtual learning to prevent loss of experience and rescheduling of activities. EPLive also decided to avoid postponing their event and instead help it virtually in 2020. EPLive, a well-known event within Milan, Italy, and Austin, Texas, takes place annually. These events have also featured in other regions such as Colombia, Dubai, and India.

In Texas, the St. David’s Medical Center’s arrhythmia institute, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute (TCAI), hold the event. Andrea Natale, a professional well-versed in cardiovascular disorders, currently works with the Texas-based institute serving as their current Executive Medical Director. Their 2020 virtual event marked their event’s fifth edition. This event is significant to the practicing cardiac electrophysiology fellows and electrophysiologists who devote themselves to treating cardiac arrhythmias.

It is a renowned two-day-long educational opportunity where the starters learn from one another and more experienced individuals within their field. Cardiac arrhythmia is the irregularity of the heart rhythm, which opens up other health issues, particularly heart conditions. Arrhythmia reduces patient’s life quality with the cases leading to higher stroke chances. EPLive broadcasts real-time cardiac electrophysiology cases while at the novel St. David’s Medical Center TCAI.

Annually, EPLive helps congregate qualified electrophysiology clinicians, educators, leaders, and researchers from regions like the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. EPlive conference headed by renowned electrophysiology expert Andrea Natale provided experts and other eager individuals with an excellent learning platform. Here, professionals discuss which methods are the best-suited to expand treatment options within electrophysiology and share the latest advances in conducting cardiac procedures. Their central objective in the conference is to discuss the improvement of patient care within the cardiac division globally.

The early December EPlive virtual meeting consisted of four critical discussions. They included VT ablation, AF ablation, new technologies, and devices. It also had educational sessions taught by electrophysiologist experts attending from institutions worldwide.

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According to Andrea Natale, the professionals are fundamental because they provide discussion and commentary on ideas at the EPLive. Attendees are exposed to live and past cases to enhance their learning while understanding advancements throughout their discipline of cardiac arrhythmias.