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The first of his family to graduate college, Trey Branham earned a degree in Political Science in 1992 from FSU and a Juris Doctor from USC Law School in 1999. He also worked as an editor for the South Carolina Law Review while he was there. He credits his stepfather with instilling in him the core values of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment from an early age.

Trey Branham spent time after college with a big law firm. It was there he realized that he wanted to do something else with his career, helping people rather than big corporations. Having seen people in his community face hardships, he felt the best use of his education and talent was to help make a difference in their lives. The partners at Dean Omar Branham Shirley share the same vision.

No stranger to long hours, Trey Branham is often up by six in the morning and ready to be productive. For lawyers, the best hours of the day tend to be before nine and after five. The entire day and most of the night is full when the firm is in trial. With hundreds of years collectively in legal experience, the group takes advantage of teamwork to give clients the best representation possible. The growing presence of virtual courtrooms means they can travel much less, allowing them to spend more time on their clients and more time with family.

Trey Branham puts his skills to work helping vulnerable people overcome tough times and making sure their voice is heard.