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When Buckingham Palace placed a request to Gordonstoun School to compile a performance report of one of their pupils, it was not a shocking thing.

Back then, especially children from able families across Scotland had to be followed up.

That is the reason why the then Gordonstoun School head did not hesitate to prepare a report detailing all that he knew about the young man who had joined the school about 10 years earlier.

While the report was prepared and released by Gordonstoun School in 1947, it remained in the chest of the palace and in the school until 2020 when it was made public.

However, according to Gordonstoun School’s schedule, the report on the young Prince Philip would not have remained a secret forever.

The current school headteacher says, “We had plans to release the report to the people of Scotland, England and Wales and the world in general anyway.

We’d do that officially in June 2021, when the prince would turn 100 years.”

That did not happen because before June came, Prince Philip died a year younger.

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Back in the days of the report in 1947, the headteacher said many things about the young man.

In part, the report indicated that Prince Philip was mischievous when he was at Gordonstoun School.

Besides, the report also indicated that the young boy was naughty, ambitious, outgoing, and could misbehave here and there.

However, the report also was quick to point out that as a young boy who had just joined the school alongside other pupils was not n any way nasty.

Although many years have passed since Prince Philip was admitted and left Gordonstoun School, the institution is still regarded as one of the best boarding schools in the whole country.

Currently, the school has admitted 542 pupils all aged between 4 years and 18 years.