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Every manufacturer or distribution company ought to capitalize on inventory management to enhance success and growth. Cloud Inventory, by DSI Global, gives companies unprecedented power to control and keep track of their inventory at any given moment without the need to access their warehouses.

Simplified Usability

A manufacturer using Cloud Inventory will manage to authenticate all the manufactured goods, whether available in the warehouse or transit, raw materials available, and current manufacturing procedures. The software is built on a low-code /no-code and flexible platform, which simplifies usability. Clients can, therefore, monitor their inventory without hiring programmers whose fees are overrated.

Eliminating Supply Chain Disruptions

Manufacturers, through technology, can optimize the supply chain. In the past years, boardrooms have experienced heating inventory control and visibility arguments due to supply chain disruptions. Nonetheless, the cloud inventory technology makes it possible for manufacturers to examine the inventory without experiencing any disruptions or delays from the supply chain leaders.

Field Inventory Management

As a manufacturing or distribution company, you need Field Inventory management tools. Your inventory needs aren’t confined within the physical perimeters of your business. However, you need to keep inventory and manage project materials, employees’ performance in the field, and all your high value-assets without your business premises. Field inventory helps manufacturers and businesses to keep track of all their employees, processes regardless of their online status and location.

Real-time Authentication

Real-time authentication of the inventory is fundamental to the ultimate growth of your business. It is where you have field inventory management tools that you react accurately and swiftly to the unexpected. Field inventory management helps businesses identify unused items and materials or assets required hence, enhancing redistribution. Cloud Inventory plays a crucial role in helping you acknowledge where your inventory is at any given the time of day, whether online or offline. The technology has an interface that allows your employees, clients, partners, and contractors to access the information on a need-to-know basis. Go here for more information.


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