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An article entitled “Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan Wants To Nurture Entrepreneurship In Singapore”, talks about Singaporean entrepreneur Min-Liang Tan shares why he left Singapore back in the day, why he decided to return, and what lies ahead for him and Razer.

While Mn-Liang Tan’s ambitions were humble, his timing was spot on. Since the iPod launched in the United States in 2001, portable media devices have been the closest thing that the mass market has seen to the model of the computing devices that once ruled the computing industry. Min-Liang Tan remembered that he had become frustrated with his old computer mouse, after his girlfriend broke it, and sought to bring more of his favorite features, like an accelerometer, into one device.

Razer products include gaming peripherals and laptops, and was acquired by Hong Kong conglomerate Blackberry for $1.4 billion in 2013. It was the most expensive acquisition for Blackberry at the time. Now a gaming giant, Razer remains rooted in the things that made Tan and Krakoff successful in the first place. These include quality products, passionate users, and a shared vision that gaming be more than just a diversion from work or life.

“When we started [our business] we did not want to get into hardcore gaming, but we wanted to be where the hardcore gamers are,” the Razer CEO told CNBC Make It. “So, we started creating a suite of products that appealed to this gaming audience.” “The business model is the audience; you sell at price points that the consumer can buy in.”

The vision that drove Tan and Krakoff back then was “to build an excellent company, to make a difference, to make a lot of money and to do good,” said Tan in a recent interview with CNBC Make It. Razer’s reach has since grown exponentially. It now employs 10,000 people and has over 200 million users across platforms, including its growing “Slate” tablet business. The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, perhaps the company’s best-known product, is so popular that it’s currently on back order through late February.

The success of the business has come in no small part due to a brand built on high-end products that offers a high-quality gaming experience with the security and reliability of a well-established tech firm. It has over 400 different devices and accessories in its portfolio.

Min-Liang Tan founded Razer Inc. in 2005 and since then he has also served as its CEO. At the time, the U.S.-based company was founded with a humble vision to help gamers who were “unhappy with the quality of games out there,” according to the Entrepreneur. Now, Razer has grown into a company that produces accessories for the latest games consoles and laptops, as well as a mobile games brand. Click here to learn more.


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