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Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter Company is a major helicopter manufacturer in the aviation industry. It is most famous for producing single-engine air vehicles commonly used for pilot training, news reporting responsibilities, private flying, and police work. Its catalog consists of several models, including the R66, R44, and R22, ideal for all your air travel needs.

This California-based helicopter manufacturer started as a family-owned business in 1973 and was founded by Frank Robinson. Since its start, the firm has produced over 12000 helicopters, with its latest release being the R66, whose announcement was in March 2007. According to Kurt Robinson, the Company’s President, sales were affected crucially by the Covid pandemic as they saw a 33% fall during their last financial year. Regardless of this, the company continues to expand its global reach as its international customers increase significantly.

2021 saw the Robinson Helicopter company mark an internal historic celebration as they produced their 13000th aircraft. Despite the slight decrease in the sale, this was a notable feat that the entire workforce was proud to celebrate. Their goal is still to provide their customers with safe and reliable aircraft that will serve them accordingly. As proof of their quality, some of their air vessels manufactured in the 80s and 90s are still running.

Surviving during the Covid pandemic was not a small feat, as the president of Robinson Helicopters explains. In the early days of the pandemic, the management had a hard time figuring out whether the company’s services were a necessity. After some time, they decided to resume production but strictly adhered to the Covid restrictions by putting up plastic barriers between workstations and establishing social distancing among their employees.

Robinson Helicopter

It took a lot of effort from every party involved to resume a steady working program. Currently, the company is enforcing the spirit of moving forward by expanding the projects under development. The latest innovation from the Robinson Helicopters team is a new impact-resistant polycarbonate windscreen unveiled at Heli-Expo last January. Their unique technology advancement regarding pistol placement and design is an aspect that should motivate you to try one.