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Laura Rea Dickey and the family own a meticulously thriving restaurant across 44 states in 550 different locations. The family has put a lot of effort into spreading their taste of delicacies and liquor across the globe. Some may think that this is a young restaurant buy Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant started in Dallas as a simple single smoker in 1941. Travis Dickey started the restaurant alone and was helped by the wife, Ollie. Ollie used to serve and assemble sandwiches while Travis Dickey was busy making delicious meat for the customers. After 20 years, Ollie and Travis had already given the restaurant a significant public figure. After that, the popularity of the restaurant demanded the business to be expanded to different locations. T.D. and Roland Sr, Travis Dickey’s sons, expanded the already popular restaurant to the Dallas-Forth area.

Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant spread its footprints to opening it’s first-ever branch outside the state in Denver, Colorado. The Dickey Barbecue Restaurant grew wider and wider, and the family decided to restructure its organizational system. Roland Jr became the new Dickey’s Group Chief Executive Officer. The new Dickey capital group acted as the umbrella company to the other family ventures. Laura Rea was then allowed to be the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant Chief Executive officer. Before being the chief executive officer, Laura Rea worked in the company under different sections from I.T. to implementation management, computer technologies, information usability, and team training. With the skills and experience gained from iOLAP, intelligence service providers, she developed a smoke track system.

Background Information

 Laura Rea Dickey has been awarded several awards for the work done to the company. Having worked in information technology and marketing for over two decades, she put these skills by transforming data insights into comprehensive business solutions. Laura Rea Dickey pursued her degree from a Fort Worth-based University; Texas Christian University. Her work for the company has been exemplary good that she received an award as the top woman in technology in 2015.

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