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Tempus is a Chicago-based healthcare company using Artificial Intelligence in aiding the treatment of different diseases. Founded in 2015 by the billionaire Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus has experienced a rapid growth rate to become one of the most high-tech companies in the US today. The company collects and analyzes data on some of the deadliest illnesses such as infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. In recent interviews, Eric Lefkofsky has explained that in order to abide by the regulations protecting personal data, Tempus collects the information and de-identifies it before subjecting it to further analysis. 

The report is then used for developing treatments and management guidelines for the given diseases. Tempus included covid-19 on its list of diseases in April 2021 and devised a mechanism for fast and accurate testing.The company is working to attain a testing capacity of at least 10 000 every day in the coming months. Eric Lefkoksky explains that in order to make this dream come true, Tempus has already equipped its laboratories in Atlanta and Chicago with the relevant machines. The company collected information from various covid-19 patients, which could be helpful in the development of the vaccine. 

Eric Lefkofsky´s idea was to design the company platform to handle data of patients suffering from different infections. Eric Lefkofsky has invested 200 million dollars from his pocket to increase the number of diseases the platform can hold and process. The three main ways by which Tempus does business include organizing and de-identifying collected data then selling to pharmaceutical companies. Next, the company conducts several genomic tests, which physicians then order for use. Lastly, Tempus partners with relevant community institutions in integrating and organizing the collected data.

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