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Worldwide, so many lives are lost daily due to chronic diseases; heart disease being a major contributor to the increased mortality rate. The heart is a very critical organ in the human body, and its absence becomes the end of one’s life. This is because a dysfunctional organ cannot pump oxygenated blood, and its insufficiency means no breathing is taking place and thus no life. Among the many who suffer from heart failure die if they lack a donor, but a few get to be granted a second chance to live through a heart transplant. Though numerous heart transplants fail after a while, few beneficiaries live for long, Sudhir Choudhrie being one of them. Actually, Sudhir is the longest-living heart transplant survivor worldwide.

Sudhir Choudhrie Started experiencing heart complications when he was below ten years. On visiting the doctor with his mother, they were informed that a leaking valve in his heart caused Sudhir’s heart to miss out on some beats. From the time of diagnosis (eight years) to when he received a new heart (at 50 years) his body went through hell, and on two occasions, the default heart gave out, until the only solution out of this stressful life was to go through a process of a heart transplant.

To avoid risking his life, Sudhir Choudhrie began a thorough search of a donor, and his efforts were rendered futile. When he was almost giving up, and his mind were filled with death thoughts since he couldn’t believe a donor could be found within the remaining hours, God sent his lifesaver. A family whose son, aged 20, died in an accident gave out his heart to save Sudhir Choudhrie, and twenty years later, he still is very strong. This life experienced changed Sudhir’s perception of life, transforming him to more philanthropic. Sudhir, who owns various businesses worldwide, finances his philanthropy with sales proceeds of these firms. Go Here for related Information.