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The Academy of Art University is one of the largest private art and design schools in the US. It was founded in the year 1929 and has many notable artists among its alumni.

The Academy of Art University was launched in San Francisco by Richard S. Stephens a magazine editor and artist. The Academy is run by his family. The university offers courses that include a course in Interaction and UI/UX Design. This course helps students obtain a comprehensive set of skills including interface design, contemporary interaction, and user experience. The course helps them get jobs in the tech industry and a wide range of other industries. The course is formulated to make students innovate art and design through strategic thinking, production, and technology. The goal is to help them become leaders in experiential and interactive design. The academy offers an up-to-date training environment to help students achieve their career goals.

The Academy of Art University collaborates with institutions in San Francisco to help students showcase their skills and to enhance the appearance of institutions through their art and design. The Hyatt Regency Hotel San Francisco Downtown SoMa entered into a partnership with the University and commissioned work by the students to enhance the appearance of the hotel. They commissioned a range of art types including sculpture, landscape architecture, photography, and paintings. The artwork was placed in 20 spaces at the hotel covering 30,000 square feet. Artwork by the students of the Academy is on display in the hotel’s lobby, reception space, lounge area, bar, check-in area, suites, and Regency club area. Students provided artwork inspired by the city of San Francisco and its diverse communities.

The Academy of Art University has been ranked fifth among the Top Creative Media and Entertainment Schools in America because it offers students from across the world courses that help them become innovative artists and designers. View Source: PRNewswire