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Simon Denyer is among the most respectable journalists on the global stage with a couple of decades of experience under his belt. He has spent most of his career working for the Washington Post as the bureau chief and top foreign correspondent for the Washington Post and Reuters heading the Washington, Islamabad, New York, London, Nairobi, and New Delhi offices. In 2020, he bagged a Pulitzer Prize for his work covering the effects of climate change. This 2021, one of his most renowned works has been covering the blow of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to the Japanese taxpayer.

The Olympics have been a questionable undertaking for the host city or country since the 1960 Rome event when it became a loss-making venture. Simon Denyer said that this is partly because nearly every event since then has gone over budget. He mentioned that despite this, the host cities had ripped great rewards in terms of increased tourist, which has boosted local businesses and great international marketing, which attracted investors.

This Washington Post journalist said that the case for the Tokyo Olympics was widely different, mainly due to the pandemic. The event, which was scheduled for 2020, had to be pushed to 2021 as the pandemic outbreak early in the year meant that nearly everything around the world had to be paused for a while. This postponement added $2.8 billion to the initial $15.4 billion budget. Simon Denyer revealed that some Japanese government auditors had placed the actual cost of the event at $25 billion, which the Japanese taxpayers footed. However, there is minimal reward that the Japanese taxpayers have received from hosting the event. Simon Denyer said that the 10 million tourists that were expected for the event were not allowed in the country, so local businesses saw almost no boost and more