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Scott DylanScott Dylan, Fresh Thinking Group partner has been fascinated with investing since the age of 14, when he successfully entered his first market to collect one million British Pounds, after telling a jury that the collection was for his kid brother, but after he found out it was actually for him he became very excited about it and chose to take the money.

Starting out as an entrepreneur, Scott Dylan (Fresh Thinking Group) partnered with Chris Lehane to become Head of Brand for Network North and was responsible for establishing Salford as a tech and media hub for the UK. He worked as Head of Innovation for Action for Children before becoming CEO of Worldwide Corporate Mental Health (WCMH) (comprising CPN and the Foundation for Counseling and Psychotherapy (FCP)).

The good models are ones that are authentic and can be easily expressed and are based on values. When these exist, the rules are clear, and the employees understand what they are expected to do and what their outcome goals are. They work towards them consistently, and the alignment between business and their missions are very high.

Scott Dylan (Fresh Thinking Group) said that wealth comes from a large number of areas but in essence it is all about paying attention to the details. So as an entrepreneur; it is important to understand what it is about your business that will benefit you in making more money.

Fresh Thinking Group founder, Scott Dylan: I have many insights I can give for entrepreneurs; starting off with absolutely nothing. I know how difficult it can be, even for those with a higher level education, I made my way into business through a very simple yet effective way. On a related note, “There is also no guaranteed advantage to being an entrepreneur. “The main advantage of being an entrepreneur is the ability to grow your personal brand and business with the help of your personal network, which I recommend you use.”

Forbes conducted a survey of over 50,000 people and the result should be celebrated. The top ranked companies for global diversity were Tech companies like Google and Facebook. Twitter ranked dead last. Even more, 77 percent of the experts surveyed said they believed there will is changing and the world of work is evolving. In order to make an impact on the world and profit in today’s business, entrepreneurs need to be mindful about their approach to hiring and developing talent.