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Ross Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn is a technology entrepreneur and investor. In 2005, he joined INC Magazine as Editor-in-Chief. He was also the founding editor of Laptop Magazine and has held senior executive roles at CBS Sportsline,, Yahoo!, AskJeeves Inc., Agence France Presse, Good Technology, and Time Warner Cable.

In 2012 Levinsohn became CEO of The Arena Group (TAG), a private company backed by Providence Equity Partners that invests in digital media and technology businesses in Latin America and Europe. Levinsohn has also held senior executive roles at AOL, Yahoo,, and Time Warner Cable.

In 2010 sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn was named one of Hispanic Business Magazine’s “30 Under 30” Most Influential Hispanics in Corporate America. In 2013 he was named to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index’s list of highest recommended CEOs. He is also a frequent speaker at technology and media conferences. Recently, Levinsohn was a speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the IMEX America Conference in Miami, the London Internet Week Conference in London, and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Levinsohn’s fundamental goal was to help assure the growth of The Arena Group (TAG) in the United States. He plans to ” strengthen the domestic policy website” where American consumers can find information on TAG holdings, executive compensation, and other household data. Levinsohn wants to boost business in the U.S. but will primarily focus on Latin America and Europe.

Sports Illustrated CEO Levinsohn has made several donations in the past and has plans to continue doing so. He has donated to the KIPP Foundation, The American Red Cross, California Wildfire Relief, and other charitable causes. Levinsohn also supports a variety of charities, including KIPP (the Knowledge Is Power Program), one of the largest charter school management organizations in the United States. Ross is also an advocate for gun control and has called for stricter gun laws in the United States.

Levinsohn has helped bring positive changes to TAG, and the company has shown potential. Levinsohn has used his knowledge to help TAG by increasing its presence in the U.S., which will only continue to grow as the years go on. Ross is passionate about his work, and he works harder than most CEOs for his company.