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Ross LevinsohnFor the past several decades, Ross Levinsohn has helped media companies of all sizes increase their brand reach. His career highlights include turning Fox Interactive Media into one of the largest broadcast conglomerates in the world, revitalizing Sports Illustrated and starting his own venture capital firm. He has also spent time as the CEO of Yahoo and Guggenheim Digital Media and Tribune Interactive Media. Today, Levinsohn is the CEO of both Sports Illustrated and Maven.

Ross Levinsohn Got His Start at HBO

In 1990, Levinsohn was hired by HBO to work as a production manager. He would spend the next six years with the company before taking a leadership role with CBS Sportsline. After spending four years with CBS, he would be hired by Fox Interactive Media.

Fox Interactive Media Is Now Fox Sports One

Today, Fox Interactive is known as Fox Sports One, and the network televises a wide array of sporting events that are seen by viewers who live in multiple countries. It also broadcasts a variety of talk shows hosted by some of the biggest names in the world of sports. Levinsohn is widely credited for helping the organization grow from an obscure content provider to one of the largest in the world.

Whisper Advisers Was a Lucrative Side Project

For three years, Levinsohn worked at a venture capital firm called Whisper Advisers. He would help dozens of technology startups obtain the money that they needed to scale their businesses in a sustainable manner. Although he left the company in 2017, he still has an ownership stake in many of the businesses that he discovered during his time there.

Revitalizing Sports Illustrated Helped Levinsohn Land the Maven CEO Role

In October 2019, Ross Levinsohn became the CEO of Sports Illustrated, and during his time leading the publication, it has regained its status as one of the most popular publications in the United States. Maven provides the tools that Sports Illustrated uses to create, publish and market its content. In August 2020, he was chosen to replace the company’s founder after he decided to step down.