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Richard Liu’s commitment to truth, a pure vision, and zeal for turning the vision into reality have been what makes him such a successful entrepreneur, a very rare breed in today’s world of hype, fakery, and deceit. His success in this field and the fact that he’s still in the game can be attributed mainly to the lessons he was taught when he was only a teenager, lessons that have guided his business for the past 20 years.

In the preface to his book published in English in November 2017, Richard Liu calls himself “the most honest businessman in China,” quoting an anonymous journalist, who wrote, “[he has] achieved a level of fame in China unmatched by any other businessman.” Richard attributes his success to his commitment to business ethics. As the founder of a multibillion-dollar global company, he does not think his actions would be overlooked or disregarded by any multinational, especially with the number of problems with corporate China.

From toxic smog caused by massive plant emissions in Beijing to the lives lost in China’s deadly chemical spill and those killed at Foxconn to labor abuses, making profits is not the sole priority for the majority of companies. Richard Liu has set the bar of business ethics high. Liu Qiangdong has not been afraid to admit to the pitfalls of starting a business in a country that has been plagued by corruption. He was keen to set up a company that he could run from his kitchen table in 2005, and from the beginning, he understood the importance of living and working by the Golden Rule.

He has said that he only takes care of business on the surface level and says that he remains fully focused on building and growing the company. IPO in the United States raised $1.5 billion. But, Liu’s ambition to further grow his business remains. Last year, Richard Liu announced that the company would invest $1 billion to expand its logistics network.

At the same time, Liu said that while e-commerce is not the biggest pie in e-commerce, it is the most growing segment. By comparison, it accounts for nearly 40 percent of retail sales in the U.S. today. Accompanied by the background information and his autobiography, he provides an inspiring lesson for anyone aiming to lead the corporate ladder. See this page for more information about Richard Liu.


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