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Randy DouthitFormer CNN executive producer Randy Douthit is a former television producer with a long and distinguished history. In addition to being a successful broadcaster, he has produced three of CNN’s highest-rated programs, including Larry King Live, Crossfire, and Capital Gang. He also conceived and directed several award-winning news panel programs, including the Peabody-winning Larry King Live. Most recently, he was the executive producer of the groundbreaking documentary, The Invisible Man, which won the National Board of Review’s Critics’ Choice Award.

The late television producer also worked as a director for the popular Judge Judy television series. While Douthit was one of the executive producers, he was most famous for his role on the reality court program.

In addition to producing The View, Randy Douthit also worked as a producer for the reality courtroom show Judy Justice. This program paired Judge Judy with actual attorneys in real-life trials. The show quickly gained popularity as the first-ever to feature a reality courtroom show. Despite the controversy over the jury selection process, Douthit remained committed to the show, opening a law firm called Sandberg and Douthit.

Randy Douthit is an executive producer of “Judge Judy.” The reality court series was the source of numerous lawsuits. Despite the legal consequences, his actions were widely condemned. He was accused of making racist and sexist comments in public forums and on his show. He allegedly made crude remarks referred to Black female litigants as “ho” and made derogatory comments about women. He has since stepped down from his executive producer position.

The show’s producers and creators have denied the allegations made by the plaintiff. Several former staffers of the show claimed that he had a plan to avoid too many Black litigants in the show. The current producer said that this practice continued into the 2021 season. The shows demographic was primarily white, middle-aged people in homes. The allegations are a result of the alleged abuse of power on the show.

Randy DouthitAside from his work, Douthit has produced several TV shows and movies. He executive-produced “Judy Justice,” which starred Judy Sheindlin. The show is described by CBS as a blend of drama and comedy and features a female judge in small claims courts across the US. While the show airs on Monday nights, it has a huge following with approximately 12 million viewers each episode.