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Sam Jejurikar has spent his career in plastic surgery, encompassing everything from cosmetic facial procedures to breast augmentations for women and rhinoplasty for men. Sam Jejurikar is a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience working on various aspects of this highly specialized field. Yet, he still finds time to give back by teaching students at prestigious schools such as Harvard University Medical School. He serves as an adjunct faculty member and head instructor in plastics.


Imagine never having to worry about getting a bad haircut again or losing your hair for whatever reason. SmartGraft is an advanced hair restoration procedure that implants natural, permanent strands of human hair right in the scalp with minimal discomfort so you can get on with life without worrying anymore!


Dr. Jejurikar is an innovator in plastic surgery and uses unique technology to enable patients to see what their new body or face will look like even before it happens. He has a Crisalix 3D Imaging system that creates your new body right on the screen, enabling you, as well as Dr. Jejurikar himself, has a better idea of exactly how things are going to turn out, so there’s less need for revisions!


Dr. Jejurikar has been providing patients with various cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments to help them counteract the effects of aging, including many that are non-invasive and either temporary or long-lasting options.


Dr. Jejurikar has two techniques when it comes to nose surgery: open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. He will examine you thoroughly at your consultation before deciding which of these techniques is best for you!


Have you been working hard to lose weight but still find that your body is unhappy? You may be experiencing the effects of aging. Our bodies naturally develop loose skin and uneven contours as we age, making it challenging to maintain a healthy diet or engage in exercise routines with good results. If this sounds like what’s happening for you- there are treatments available!


One of the most common complaints with women’s bodies is when their breasts start to sag. With a variety of procedures now available for breast enlargement, there are no limits on how you can transform your body into an attractive appearance again!