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PosiGen is one of the nation’s fastest-growing providers of residential solar leasing and commercial solar installation services. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, PosiGen was founded by Jim Turner and Erik Cain after recognizing the potential benefits of subsurface-mounted photovoltaic (PV) arrays in 2009. They created Presurface, an innovative method of installing solar panels that uses the roof’s natural strength to support a heavier weight PV module. PosiGen’s solar panels are constructed of specially tempered glass that allows the sun to shine directly through. A layer of diffusion film is applied on the backside of each module, which reduces glare while reducing electrical output by only 1% per year. 


The company holds an array of patents for its innovative designs and commercial application. Although residential solar leasing remains PosiGen’s main focus, they also offer various commercial services, including roof inspections, pre-engineering surveys, turnkey design/builds, and general contracting services for new construction projects (Nola). 


Companies can receive free quotes online or contact one of PosiGen Solar local installation centers to schedule a consultation with a qualified project manager. In addition to their full-service offerings, the solar power company is a national distributor of solar components and works with top experts and panel manufacturers to provide clients with the most budget-friendly solutions. PosiGen’s team of in-house engineers can assist customers in selecting the best panels for their unique needs, including an easy online search tool that allows users to compare products side by side. The company’s diverse capabilities have allowed them to proliferate since its founding in 2009. 


With more than 200 team members and over 40 million dollars in sales, PosiGen has established itself as a premier solar provider across the country through dedication to its customers’ needs. Instead of spending thousands on heating and air conditioning systems, homeowners can use their new subsurface-mounted panels with 17% – 20% efficiency ratings. It takes approximately eight years for a homeowner to recoup their initial investment from the energy savings that result from choosing solar power. After surviving a challenging economic period that affected many businesses, PosiGen rebounded quickly by embracing cutting-edge technology and offering homeowners affordable solutions.

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