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Peter Briger is one of the most successful individuals in the financial industry having worked in this industry for over two decades. He is also a good leader and a philanthropist who has helped many to change their lives for the better. Where did Peter Briger start to become one of the most cherished financial advisors? He began by attending Princeton University after his high school education. He also went to Wharton Business School which helped him to acquire the necessary skills to launch his career.

He completed school and went to work at Goldman Sachs where he launched his career. He worked here for fifteen years and grew his career to become one of the celebrated financial advisors around the world. Worked at Goldman Sachs with dedication and they saw his diligence hence promoted him to be in charge of various departments. His determination to help the company achieve success was fruitful and enabled it to operate smoothly for the years he was there.

Peter Briger moves to Fortress Investment Group

After gaining experience at Goldman Sachs, he was now ready to move to other businesses. His main aim was to work with other professionals who had a common goal. He knew working with those with experience in the field would enable him to achieve what he wanted in life. That is when he moved to Fortress Investment and joined Wes Edens and Randal. The two are financial professionals who are also the founders of the company. He joined them, and they were sure that Briger would be of great use to the company.

Peter Briger has worked for the company since 2002. He has worked in various departments for the company, and it is achieving a lot of success. Fortress has its headquarters located in New York and serves clients around the world. The company also has other affiliate offices in different countries to ensure it expands. With the help of Briger, Fortress Investment Company has employed around 900 people and among them there are professionals. Peter Briger is not only engaged in business but he is also involved in other activities like working with charity organizations to help others in society.