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Randy Douthit Randy Douthit is living his dream life. When he was growing, he wanted to serve in the entertainment and media industries. Randy began practicing his dream life at nine years old by making movies and selling tickets to his friends around the neighborhood. His grandfather was his number one fan. Randy graduated from high school and joined a school where he studied film and production. He was lucky to get an opportunity in the media industry serving with KGW, a media company where he grew his career. It was at the media company that Randy got a chance to produce and direct a children’s show that won an award. His career in the industry continued to excel, and he got another opportunity to host a show that grew its audience quickly.

Randy Douthit was among the first media experts to work with CNN when it was first launched. At CNN, Randy became an expert in the production and direction of shows. Capital Gang and CrossFire are among the shows that Randy produced and directed at CNN; the shows are also award-winning shows. Quincy Jones Entertainment was Randy’s next entertainment company; it was at Quincy that Douthit produced and directed Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Randy has done good well in the media and the entertainment industry. However, Randy Douthit is proud of being part of Judy Justice and Judge Judy as the film’s producer and director that has graced people’s screens for a long time. Randy also manages the expansion of Queen Bee Productions, Judy Sheindlin’s production company.

Randy Douthit In a statement, Douthit mentioned that he had been interested in television since he was a little boy and did not give up on his dreams; now, he is old and has not given up and will never give up. Randy has been in the industry for a long time, and when he was asked how he makes money, he mentioned that he does that by collecting license fees for programs and charging for directing and producing films. Randy also noted that if you want to venture into the film industry, you must be patient; a show might take two to four years to earn an income.