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Luke Lazarus is a highly successful entrepreneur in the advertising and marketing industry that started his business experience at just 8 years old and continued through high school.

By the time he was 25 years old, he had already owned and operated 4 businesses.

At the age of 33, he sold all his businesses and was able to retire.

But even though Luke Lazarus was able to retire, he still had the drive and ability to help struggling businesses overcome their obstacles.

This is when Lazarus founded Luke Lazarus Consulting in Sydney, Australia. The company is smaller in size with only 1-10 employees.

One of the biggest lessons Lazarus learned from his businesses is to truly understand the mission of the business and all business functions.

He noticed when other entrepreneurs were not invested in all aspects of the company, new businesses would fail.

Luke Lazarus supports entrepreneurs that are starting from square one and understands how overwhelming it can be to start a new business.

His mentorship of sales operations, marketing, and building brands has aided in relationships that have become long-term.

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He also works with businesses that have been struggling and will determine the issues and provide strategies to turn them around.


In the age of social media, Lazarus suggests promoting businesses through all social medial platforms.

When Lazarus isn’t professionally working, you can find him exercising in the early morning then walking his dog.

Giving back to his community and spending time with family and friends is also important.

Understanding the value of balance between his profession and personal time is deeply appreciated by him.

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