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Isidoro Quiroga is a businessman who hails from Chile, and he is widely known for his success in both international and local markets. 

Currently, he’s the chief executive officer of Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín. He works at the firm closely with his associates and children. His business portfolio is diverse, and he has invested in various industries, including agriculture, exporting, mining, energy, and real estate.

About Isidoro Quiroga

He ventured into entrepreneurship during the 1970s. It didn’t take long for his ventures to succeed. After completing his studies in Chile, he traveled to the U.S. There, he came across the kiwi fruit, and that’s where he gained an interest in the import and export business.

Isidoro has had the honor of managing some of the major energy production firms in the nation. Recently, he sold an energy firm known as Enphase Energy for a substantial amount of money. The company would produce home energy while also offering energy storage solutions being controlled using software. Quiroga had initially acquired the firm for $20 million in 2018. He then invested more in the form by acquiring bonds. He then sold the corporation for $819 million. The profit margin was higher than $700 million. Such investments have made Isidoro gain international recognition for his business prowess.

In 2009, Isidoro went ahead to sell Australis Seafoods. Joyvio, a Chinese company, acquired the firm.

You may assume that Quiroga only acquires companies and sells them later at a higher price. Well, that’s not entirely true. After Quiroga acquires a company, he puts his management skills into good use.

Besides selling Australis Seafoods, he continued serving on the management board. The firm has maintained its reputation as one of the largest exporters of salmon.

Quiroga is also actively involved in the mining sector through Andacollo Gold and Minera Fuego. Both firms are part of Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín’s portfolio. Isidoro is also actively involved in the wine and olive oil processing and manufacturing market in Argentina.

We can now see that Isodoro’s ambition doesn’t know geographical limits. Currently, he is focusing on Silicon Valley. He wants to invest in technology in some of the popular technology hubs around the globe.