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David Schmidt, the LifeWave Founder, and CEO popped up in a certain live interview to describe the science used in the manufacture of his products.

David Schmidt heads this company, and also grabbed this golden chance to speak to spectators made of several direct selling collaborators.

Schmidt educates them about the strategy based on research as well as idea innovation.

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These agendas are the basis that the agency exploits to accomplish the goals, and so a recap of the interview is necessary.

The establishment’s CMO, Jim Caldwell introduced the conversation, and David Schmidt, the speaker who talked about the company’s achievements, highlighted all the 17 years since its founding.

Schmidt narrated that only a few individuals knew light therapy and its potential, but the attitude has upgraded massively because at least 5000 studies discuss its vast advantages.

This conversation then grew with the introduction of Dr. Melinda Connor, the guest of the day.

Melinda is a professional neuroscientist and a renowned psychologist who in the 1990s, shifted to research science.

Since then, Dr. Connor has written and published 100 books and is highly acclaimed for her excellence in energy healing and relevant research.

The doctor’s prominence grew for engaging in the establishment because she traversed the knowledge behind the products.

Once the doctor appeared on the broadcast, Schmidt hurriedly asked her to explain the reason why she chose his field.

Schmidt believes that this question is always important as he uses it as a passion test.

The doctor said that her family specializes more in healing and science since the parents were both in medical careers either in schools, hospitals, or the relevant research.

Dr. Melinda also insists that she had been around individuals dealing with energy healing, and so they fed her the passion to specialize in the same career.