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Laura McQuade, CEO of Planned Parenthood of New York City, is on a mission! With the attack on women’s rights in this country it takes a woman of courage like Laura McQuade to come forth and find a solution when dealing with adversity. The true qualities of a leader on a mission. The government should not have control over women in what they choose to do with their body. Planned Parenthood is a beacon of light for those who still believe in fighting for what’s right. With plans of expansion provide hope for those who are not financially stable care for a child are those who were abused and are forced to carry a child that they just don’t want. With 5 affiliates agreeing to merge in the Empire State, Planned Parenthood will catapult its negotiating power with an operating budget of $110 million within its first year, with Laura McQuade at the forefront leading this merge.

This budget will then open doors to partnering with larger health systems as well as commercial payers. Talk about power and fighting for what’s right. With the many abortion bans in many states its refreshing to see that this does not faze Laura at all. This new merger will open up to 28 health centers with up to 900 employees being able to aid up to 200 thousand visits from patients each year. She is planning on opening the doors for sexual and reproductive health care on a statewide level. If you’re looking for a woman to admire, someone to look up to, Laura McQuade is your woman!

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