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Laura McQuade is a woman whose role in Great New York continues to change people’s lives. She is the brains behind Planned Parenthood of New York City, where she serves as both CEO and President. Because of her impactful role in society, in 2019, she was named by Crain as among the powerful women within New York. One of the remarkable achievements she has made through Planned Parenthood is being at the frontline of advocating for better healthcare services and systems for the people of New York. The banning of abortion by various states is one of the challenges that Laura McQuade’s industry faces. Funding towards comprehensive healthcare has reduced, and the Federal Government has not been that supportive as well.

Due to these challenges, as the leader of an industry she is passionate about, Laura McQuade decided to seek the expansion of Planned Parenthood as one of the ways to offer comprehensive services to many people. To help her achieve the expansion, she decided to team up with like-minded partners to form Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. The expansion is a significant breakthrough for the empire state. The team, which comprises five other affiliates, is set to have a total of 28 locations. Further, the affiliation shall employ over 900 people to serve in the 28 locations. There is a likelihood that the facilities will serve over 200, 000 patients annually.

Despite the challenges faced by the Laura McQuade industry, the affiliation is precisely what the empire state deserves to improve on healthcare. With the merger comes increased resulting in increased negotiating power.

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