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Laura McQuade is certainly no stranger to challenges. After all, she’s been called one of the most powerful women in New York. But how does someone earn such a reputation? It’s not enough to simply show success within a field. One needs to also build up the admiration of coworkers and the larger public. Laura McQuade has done exactly that through her work with Planned Parenthood.

Laura McQuade began the project with an understanding that she’d need to create a huge medical powerhouse to aid over 61,000 people each year. This would also include return visits. So the capacity would need to be large enough to cover at least 97,000 visits per year. But on top of that McQuade was also quite aware of the fact that no medical entity exists as an island. Medical care often requires the law to be on its side and the ability to negotiate with other facilities to share available resources and skillsets. And this is especially true for Planned Parenthood, given that legal restrictions on reproductive rights are something of a common matter of debate within both local and national governmental bodies.

How did Laura McQuade handle this challenge? The answer is that she did so with precise, well planned, and definitive action. She used an operating budget of about $110 million to merge multiple affiliates into a singular whole known as the Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. This encompasses 900 employees and more than matches the amount of visits needed per year. In fact, it’s estimated that as it stands now the Planned Parenthood of Greater New York can accommodate over 200,000 visits per year.

The collective power of the Planned Parenthood of Greater New York can also serve as a unified system to negotiate for needed resources. All of this shows how effective action can come about. It simply requires a talented and experienced hand to properly leverage resources. And one couldn’t hope for a better incarnation of these qualities than Laura McQuade.

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