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Kevin Seawright is the brain behind RPS Solutions LLC, a 2014-born firm specializing in governmental contracting, home building, acquisition, sale of assets, and asset management. Lately, he has been the most sought-after residential/commercial home buying and selling authority in Baltimore, Maryland. Kevin Seawright is on a mission to ease access to first-class and affordable homeownership opportunities for everyone. In his latest commentary, Kevin Seawright recommended the following tips for those buying their first home.

Know Your Credit Rating

Visionary financial advisors like  will tell you that your credit score is the root of your financial growth. A bad credit rating speaks ill of your financial management skills and your financial health in general. Pioneers of affordable homeownership campaigns like Kevin Seawright will tell you that your credit rating is essential to making your homeownership dream a reality.

If you’ve soiled your credit with unpaid loans and bad loan repayment habits, you can never secure a mortgage. Even if securing a mortgage doesn’t tick your preferences, you won’t get other loan types to finance your home.

Take What You Can Pay

Kevin Seawright recommends applying for a loan amount you can pay, not what your credit rating allows. According to Kevin Seawright, if you can buy a home in cash, don’t waste money taking a loan. Loans are a good way to actualize your homeownership dream if you aren’t financially capitated. If you’re financially stable, loans will only hold you back.

Work with the Right Realtor

Just like  advises seeking guidance from pros when investing in venture capitalism or cryptocurrencies, Kevin Seawright advises working with the right realtor. Realtors have the industry data on their palms, so they will guide you to make the right home purchase decisions.

If you’re looking for financial advice when buying a home, seek advice from , and don’t forget to follow the aforementioned first-timer buying tips by Kevin Seawright.

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