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Joseph Ashford, a global investor, entrepreneur and consultant is one of the most respected business owners in England. The Bournemouth investor has major business interests in Asia, Europe, South America and England. After investing in the last twenty years, Joseph Ashford has skills most entrepreneurs in modern times want to have. The amazing consultant has managed to identify and at the same time nurture very successful businesses. His major focus today is the United Kingdom market.

The entrepreneur main venture today is K4 Global, a very successful platform set up years ago in Bournemouth. Through this business and several other ventures, Joseph has already amassed a lot of personal wealth. The modern business leader has numerous properties under his name too.

Before achieving this great success in his professional life, Joseph Ashford had a miserable life. With a carpenter father and a cleaner mother, Joseph did not have many luxuries when young. In his early life, the entrepreneur had to work in various industries to make ends meet.

His career in marketing and developing business is what brought Joseph great profits. This career has offered the businessman a special position in the competitive and tough market. The modern executive has learnt his organization skills when serving as a consultant in sales and marketing. Numerous small and also medium sized establishments have found help through the platform created by Joseph Ashford.

As the leader and person in charge of K4 Global, Joseph keeps learning how to push his team to higher levels. The entrepreneur surrounds himself with the best and high talented individuals to serve his customers.

The team in charge of client issues is already the best in Bournemouth, and it has worked with dedication to bring the best out of customer businesses. Although successful establishments are never common in the tight market, Joseph is trying his best to transform the lives of his clients. Refer to this page for additional information.