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Jonas Lauren Norr has significant experience in the corporate acquisition and integration of emerging companies. The joint venture will further develop software and services technologies to power the development of new ecosystems. The joint venture will be led by Jonas Lauren Norr as the board of directors of Crest Resources and co-owned by the two companies. The MOU also proposes that the JV will be provided with the right to negotiate in absolute confidence with the company’s management and will not be subject to any red tape or restrictions that might hinder the JV’s ability to implement the MOU. The MOU further states that the company will issue 4,000,000 common shares to Ethos Real Assets. The joint venture’s focus now is on growing the business, which it has done through acquisitions and strategic investments, generating new business through investments in new technologies, and increasing the company’s presence in the marketplace. Jonas Lauren Norr has a strong background and a track record of investing in early-stage companies. He has experience with various types of investments. He has also been actively investing in high-growth businesses. Jonas Lauren Norr has seen the company( Ethos Real Assets) grow quickly and profitably while managing costs and expenses. He has significant experience advising on the execution of growth initiatives, such as acquisitions and investments in new technologies. He focuses on some of the technologies he focuses on, including Artificial Intelligence. Jonas Lauren Norr as the co-founder of Gravity Ranch Ventures, a technology and financial services company focused on investing in technologies that will solve some of our world’s most significant problems. Gravity Ranch Ventures believe that innovation and telemedicine are the future. Bringing these technologies to reality is the key to their successful development by investing in technologies that solve some of the world’s most significant problems. they then gain expertise in economic transition through these technologies at low-cost, sustainable, and, most importantly, affordable models.

Ethos Real Assets invests in early-stage companies; we believe that investing in real estate is the surest way to generate value for investors and give back to the world. We are passionate about real estate and helping people invest in it. The company’s vision centers on creating communities that are resilient and self-sufficient through responsible and ethical investments.