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Ritenour is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S. The owner and co-founder of the Insurance Office of America (IOA) is a determined man who propelled IOA to become one of America’s trusted insurance firms. Besides, it’s one of the fastest-growing companies around. IOA boasts of over 80,000 clients in over 60 locations. Ritenour’s team comprises over 1300 members who have helped to rake in $225 million in revenue.

That did not just happen. The insurance firm, now under the leadership of his son, Heath Ritenour, began from scratch. John Ritenour started as an insurance vendor. After learning a few tricks, he decided to create his company. In 1988, he co-founded with his wife, Insurance Company of Africa. The firm had a baseline of only three employees. That has grown swiftly to become what IOA is today.

But what is John Ritenour’s Success secret? Ritenour bases his success on hard work, which his mother taught at an early age. John lived with his mother in Pittsburg, a humble background where nobody believed in wealth and success. John doesn’t believe in luck. He believes that successful people climb their ladder of success through hard work and perseverance.

The zealous entrepreneur emphasizes that one must remain focused and spend time wisely. Leaders and team players must plan scheduled tasks because every second counts in a business. To build great companies, the teams must work smart and tirelessly. John Ritenour had to spend up to 16 hours at work to develop his business. That was a sacrifice that he cannot regret offering to his entity. The fruits are visible. IOA is a stable firm whose credibility is beyond borders.

Work ethics is another secret to a thriving and fast growing business. John Ritenour says that self-driven work ethics is even more beneficial. In a company where there is autonomy, sacrifices, and hard work, there is success. It does not come easy, but to succeed, you must work independently to achieve growth. He taught his son, Heath, the benefits of work ethics when he mentored him, which as the CEO, carries on for IOA.