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Jack MasonCovid-19 has caused a lot of harm already. There is really nothing good anyone can get from the pandemic. In Britain alone, many enterprises have closed shop. Their decision before they are rendered bankrupt has made many people lose their livelihoods. It is in this view of the ravages of the pandemic that Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason now advises existing businesses and those emerging to reconsider their approach. “The pandemic has come and it appears that it will be with the world a while longer. Many businesses have shut down, leaving our people jobless. Finding other jobs to sustain their families is now the job in itself. However, we have also learnt that it is not necessary to shut down our economy. Rather, we need to change the approach,” said Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason.

With that in mind, Jack Mason has yet again mentioned how he is planning to emerge the winner in his business post Covid-19. Jack’s business, which majors in marketing, human resource, operation strategies, and various financial services is saying that although a lot has taken place in 2020/21, a lot more lies ahead. To him, introducing Incspaces, what he calls a sister startup to Jack Inc & Co, is the best decision he did amid the pandemic. According to Inc & Co CEO, Jack the introduction of Incspaces has not only helped businesses in Leeds to find viable office spaces in UK’s high-end streets but also helped bring services closer to the people. For now, Incspaces is giving companies and startups a chance to rent office spaces in places where clients can access with ease. Jack says that apart from Leeds, the company provides office space for rent in Manchester as well as London, where the firm has literary many offices.

Jack Mason

Inc & Co CEO, Mason is excited about this new venture saying that he will be looking for other business expansion programs in the future. “I cannot be deterred by the pandemic. Covid will be here longer than we expected and if we bow down, it will ground us completely. We will not relent,” Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason said.