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IM Academy is a software tool that teaches the essential skills in successful forex trading. The company strengthens live interactive content, supported by an extensive library equipped with pre-recorded information to teach students.

IM Academy was formed in 2013 as a small start-up company by Forex Experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. They founded this organization to provide an easily accessible online platform for students who want to learn Forex employing a subscription model. The main goal of this platform was to give easy access to an interactive training session to Forex enthusiasts which would enable them acquire skills that they would use while conducting their own trades.

From the time it was IM Academy teaching platform has gradually grown into a large organization with over 225,000 active subscribers who reap the benefits of the educational products and services available. The structure allows the integration of numerous subsidiary entities from their international markets.

IM Academy’s global headquarter is in New York, a legally registered corporation. The organization is ahead of the rest as it has provided and maintained a remote working model for its workers and students. By working remotely, a lot of money is saved, which could have been used on office space. This helps the company focus more on getting top-quality talents that are greatly skilled regardless of their demographic area of origin. Additionally, this model allows the company to put itself in a position where it operates effectively without interruption despite the raging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

IM Academy’s key products are in inform of learning modules known as academics. These academics carry four distinct training programs available on the company’s website, and new customers can access them via referral from existing customers. Follow this page on Instagram, to learn more.

The four programs that you will go through, which are seen in the four modules, concern FRX, HFX, DCX, and finally, ECX. If you use a certain discount, you will receive up to 50% off as the first three modules just listed will be combined into one. Each video module has a series of informational videos and unlimited access to interactive goLive sessions, thus making it easier for students to apply whatever they have learned practically.


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