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QNet has emerged as one of the most well known multi level marketing companies in the world. Despite having lots of success, the company has received some criticism. The company has been accused of being a scam where it intentionally deceives consumers. However, this accusation is not necessarily true as there are a few factors that prove that QNet is legitimate.

Some people have said that QNet is a scam because those who join the company don’t make any worthwhile amount of money. Like any other business, this company will require people to put in effort and make as many sales as possible to earn a decent income. Those who don’t make a lot of money at this may not have the work ethic required to earn as much money as they possibly can. As a result, QNet is a legitimate business that can earn money but it will vary depending on number of sales made and a person’s work ethic.

Another reason why the company is accused of being a scam is because the quality of products are questionable to some consumers. People who have experience with the company have complained that the products don’t last as long as others and that they are not made by an established brand name. However, like all other products, the quality is sufficient for their intended purpose. Those who use products properly and take good care of them will have the best experience with them.

As well as product quality and income potential, some people have accused QNet of being a scam because it has changed its company name over the course of several years. With the company changing its name a few times, people assume that it is because it is trying to hide something. According to data, many companies change their name due to a recent merger, a relocation or due to a change in the type of products and services they offer. QNet is no different as it has changed its name due to the type of products they now provide to consumers.