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Fortress Investment Group began as a tiny private investment management facility. The best thing about this company at its early years was the fact that it had experts in finance to take charge of every aspect of the company. The company founders had noted the loopholes in the American finance system.

These principals had operated in various platforms for decades, so they knew what the New York City consumers needed. The first years at Fortress Investment Group were not easy. The founders did not want to lose hope with the new investment, and they brought along the best leaders in finance to help in building the organization.

One leader, Wes Edens, stood out with his expertise in managing new businesses in the finance department. Few years after the private platform was formed, it began to flourish, and reach attract clients in both the local and international market. The expansion of Fortress Investment Group brought both positive and negative sides to the principals in the institution.

More customers brought in more investments. The New York organization sought help from a giant in the finance world. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, according to its top leadership, was one of the best things that have happened in the institution since the time it was established in 1998.

The founders increased their operational capital with this acquisition, giving them more options to invest and create wealth for the demanding customers. Areas that were too high for the company such as real estate because an ordinary thing.

Randal Nardone, the chief executive officer of the platform when the acquisition took place, says that he has loved the kind of achievements brought by the step he took two years. The company has moved from being a private facility to one of the most influential and successful institutions in the public department.