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NJ Ayuk is a Cameroonian-born individual who happens to be the managing partner of the Centurion Law Group. The law group has its headquarters in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, and other offices in five countries within the African continent. The law group specializes in three main areas, namely energy, financial industry, and extractive sectors. In the past, NJ Ayuk has successfully executed his roles as a manager by organizing and implementing negotiation projects on how sub-Saharan Africa should exploit their natural resources. Through his campaign efforts, Ayuk has managed to advise local and international companies on the sustainable utilization of resources found in that region, with the latest company being Oranto Petroleum.

During an interview, NJ Ayuk narrated his belief in the state of African gas and oil and other trendy tropical issues. Ayuk first told his academic story, which is quite related to African political governance. Having pursued a degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland College Park, Ayuk gained special skills that made him such an influencer in a highly contested energy sector. Besides having a strong academic background, Ayuk went ahead to work with the United Nations Development Program. Again, this added leadership and management experience to his skillset. Later, he successfully started the Centurion Law Group, a company that has made him one of the most prolific energy deal makers in Africa. According to his beliefs, NJ Ayuk narrates that he has been passionate about solving African problems since he was young. As a teenager, he always observed his local communities fight over natural resources and energy. However, most of these fights were brought about by lack of training and education.

Despite coming from a region with plenty of resources, his local community was also excluded from the power-sharing table. A huge percentage of Africans were not benefiting from natural resources. So, to beat the big companies, it was necessary to come up with a legal counsel that would fight for the local natives. That is how the Centurion Law Group was formed. A legal company with the purpose of bringing self-reliance. Since its conception, the Centurion Law Group has significantly achieved a lot. Energy prices have stabilized in the African region. There has been a resurgence of African oil and gas manufacturing industries. More importantly, there are several job creation and economic development. Africa is finally benefiting from the increase in global oil prices.

NJ Ayuk further reiterates how the revolution journey is important and full of challenges. According to his experience, Africa has certainly made some progress. But there is more that needs to be done. The leaders in the continent need to create an enabling environment for the sustainable exploitation of energy and natural resources. Also, bad governance and corruption should be dealt with as they slow down growth. Ayuk also leads the African Energy Chamber, an association that points out factors affecting energy and natural resource sectors. He also encourages governments to be worth with private sectors to fully realize the continent’s potential. NJ Ayuk reports that there are many African countries, such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Tanzania, among others, that sit on lots of gas reserves. With proper management and sustainable utilization, Africa will equally have a bargaining power just like the OPEC countries. As an advisor to many African governments, NJ Ayuk says that there is a need to input specific clauses to any foreign country coming in to invest in Africa. Giving an example of China, he says that African governments need to ensure that any agreement signed is for mutual gains. As for the Centurion, the next goal is to use the right partnership to create a level playing field for African nations.