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Heath Ritenour is well-known for leveraging his expertise and effectiveness as the chairman of Insurance Office of America. Under his leadership, the Insurance Office of America is fascinated with the prospects of revamping its company culture to promote diversity and inclusion among employees. The company has ventured forth to merge with Gallaher Edge as a critical way of transforming its culture. Of course, Gallaher Edge is a management consulting firm that understands the potential benefits of company culture. The firm is renowned for spearheading innovative change in organizations through impressive and meaningful human experiences. Indeed, the management company is set to enhance Insurance Office Of America’s company culture while further restoring effective communication.

Gallaher Edge has initiated a remarkable customized program and is leveraging its effectiveness with leaders to put in place transformational change. Moreover, the firm’s Growing Inside Out Program includes highly experiential workshops that are well defined on maturity, self-acceptance, and self-awareness, to mention a few. Heath Ritenour acknowledges that this program is poised to impact the Insurance Office of America Operations significantly. In addition to leaders assessing how their capacity affects others, the program will help IOA leaders to nurture their capacity to parlay their skills more effectively. Heath Ritenour further maintains that Gallaher Edge Program will inspire confidence within IOA leaders in transitioning the company to the next level.

Nevertheless, the highly customized program brings forth an exclusive environment while allowing each individual to examine his/her shortcomings. Heath Ritenour remarks that the high-end program initiated by Gallaher Edge will funnel a culture of self-awareness within not only IOA but also a culture of inclusion. At length, the program brings about innumerable benefits, including broader perspectives, excellent decision-making, and significant innovation. Sure, Gallaher Edge distinguishes itself in erupting a proper inclusion environment where everyone feels included.

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