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Education is essential to navigating some steps in life, especially those chasing success. With four siblings and being the eldest, Haroldo Jacobovicz got his inspiration from his parents, especially in career growth. His mother was the critical factor in mentoring the young boy to follow his passion in Civic engineering, as she was a civil engineer as the only woman in her state. Earning a spot in the Federal University of Parana, he shaped his skills for the bright future that awaited him.

Reasonably enjoying his time at the university, Haroldo Jacobovicz sought to move in his business with the launching of their first company in college. They founded microsystems which were to help other businesspeople navigate through the problems of inventory. Though it crumbled down, he was sure he would take a similar path later with the lessons he gathered. After completing his studies, he got into employment with Esso, which was later rebranded to ExxonMobil. Again, he cultivated his work through grit, and his recognition came through rising to different ranks in the company.

Leaving the company better than he went, he joined Itaipu Binational. His desires were completely Rosen to stand on his own feet, and a run for change. Getting his tools down and letting his guard down make things better, he first launched e-Governe primarily to provide technology solutions.

Always never letting ideas run short of him, his most incredible breakthrough came through the launch of Horizons Telecom. The company has completely changed many lives in Brazil with its recognition know n for its massive pieces of equipment and the level of its fiber network, remarkably outstanding in the industry. Later, Haroldo Jacobovicz launched Horizons Datacenter, which has integrated into the portfolios systems to help bring connectivity and cloud capabilities.

Reading and research are part of his daily habits. He has also incorporated his close team members to help him lead the legacy that he wants. Haroldo Jacobovicz aims to continue factoring in change for a better world.