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Mother Cat Gretchen Robinson

Gretchen Robinson is an American entrepreneur, entertainer, and all-around creative spirit.

When she was young, Gretchen Robinson dreamed of becoming the next great Hollywood screenwriter, but unfortunately, the “big break” never happened for her. Fast forward to today, and instead of writing scripts for Oscar-nominated films, she aspires to teach her skills so that others can see her craft on television or in movies from behind a camera lens. With over thirty years of experience under her belt and countless projects in the works, Gretchen Robinson is a fantastic woman who has been through unimaginable struggles that should not be overlooked, making her such a great person today.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is a nonprofit organization created by the State of New York in 1999. They aim to provide “quality, affordable housing options for income and low-income residents of Roosevelt Island.”

The project they plan to build will be a 104-unit housing complex with a community center. A cheaper alternative was needed to attract people not interested in living on Long Island. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation decided to develop affordable housing technology and connect it to the internet.

According to Gretchen Robinson project they are working on is called NET-WORK. Their plan is to build a system that will monitor and regulate the heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation of every apartment at an affordable cost so that each unit can be controlled individually. The system will also allow the operators to connect with each apartment through a web page.

The project will be built to get aid from the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation needed help attracting low-income and middle-class families with the rising rent prices on Roosevelt Island