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Greg Blatt is among the executives who have faced all the ups and downs in life. His career has undertaken nu twists and turns, working in different sections across the industries. Currently, Blatt is the president of the two international internet dating companies in the United States. Greg Blatt’s unshakable work ethic and determination have made him stand out from other business executives in the United States.

Greg has an ability to trust his gut and turn around things making him serve in different positions across the industries. Blatt has been working with various individuals across the industries throughout his career, making him acquire immense working skills. Greg Blatt was born and raised in Boston, where he lived with his parents. His father was his great inspiration due to his perception of having his personal view on everything.

Blatt attended the Colgate University, where he obtained an undergraduate degree in literature. He was more confused when he got out of the university and never knew what he was expected to do. Greg Blatt spent a few years traveling around the globe while doing simple jobs to earn a living. After two years out of school, Blatt applied to join the law school based in Columbia. Greg Blatt secured an opportunity in the institution and acquired a degree.

He joined the corporate law society working in a law firm based in the New York. He was never comfortable at this place and got himself an opportunity at the entertainment law. He met Martha Stewart, who took him to his company where he worked as the general counsel. He worked here for several years and later left for IAC to serve in the same position. He was later promoted to being the president of IAC.

Greg Blatt is a transformational business executive who has made a series of achievements in several companies he has worked for in the United States. See this page for more information.


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