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Many countries in the world today are fortunate to have democracy after fighting for it for a very long time. For these countries, elections, regardless of the size, are carried out in the most democratic way. People have the freedom of selecting the leaders they need for all positions without fear. The sitting presidents in most countries will step down from their positions when their terms are over (Healthtechzone). 

Handing over leadership is no longer as tough and challenging as it was before for most countries of the world. The people of Haiti cannot enjoy this democracy. Many natural and manmade problems have caused this small nation to have the worst democracy and financial challenges. When the society is advancing its operations in many industries, Haiti is still trying to recover from many problems of the past. Georgette Mulheir, a humanitarian leader who is outspoken about Haiti democracy and children rights, has watched the country in its worst situation when the earthquake brought down its economies and way of life. 

Thousands of citizens passed away when the earthquake happened in Haiti years ago. Children were taken to orphanages because they had no one to protect them and help in growing them into adults. Human rights activist Georgette Mulheir has seen many orphanages in Haiti´s country than in any other part of the world. Years after the earthquake in Haiti, the orphanages are in very poor conditions.The increasing number of young children in orphanages is not the only problem Georgette Mulheir is addressing. The crimes against humanity in this small country is very worrying. 

Young children from Haiti are taken away from their families every other time so that gangs can acquire some money from their families. The children are also very disadvantaged in this nation. And it has been its condition for a long long time. Some of them in their teenage years are forced to join the most dangerous gangs to support their families and keep everyone alive. Georgette Mulheir rescues many young people who are lucky to find their way out of the gangs. The majority of children in the gangs, however, are never lucky to return to their families alive after getting involved in various crimes. These children die before they are adults.