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Franci Neely is a mother, blogger, and entrepreneur passionate about natural living and wellness.

She has a degree in Anthropology/Archeology with an emphasis on Ethnobotany and has spent the past decade working as a natural remedies educator, herbalist, and author.

As a mother to two young children, Neely is passionate about raising her family amidst nature’s bounty without regard for the trappings of society.

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With this comes the knowledge that many of us have been disconnected from for generations.

Her Accomplishments

Neely is the founder of Radical Homemakers.

Homesteading and natural living are gaining traction in mainstream culture, while most people still operate with a disconnect between their physical reality and the products they consume.

Neely’s focus has been to build community, learning, and knowledge around the physical world that most people live disconnected from.

Her Skills

Franci Neely’s skills in building community online are second to none, with her following on Facebook and Twitter surpassing 20,000+ fans and followers.

Through her work and writing, she has become a leader in natural living and organic gardening.

She has also co-founded a Radical Homemakers community that is rapidly growing, with over 1,000 members.

Her Vision of the Future

Neely wants the world to know that it is possible to live richly in harmony with nature while still taking care of business. Neely has written five books and many articles.

Neely has a vision of a world where people are more connected and aware of what is going on around them.

She writes about simple living and gardening, the benefits of raw foods, sustainable living, and cleaning the earth.

Neely hopes that everyone can move their focus from greed to health.

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