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Fortress Investment Group is among the best investment managers in the world with assets worth $41.5 billion by 30th September 2019. Fortress Investment Group was commenced in 1998 in New York to manage assets belonging to approximately 1,750 organizational clients as well as private businesspeople globally across certain strategies in credit, perpetual capital investment, real estate, as well as private equity.

Fortress Investment Group has appointed Timothy Sloan, who was working for Wells Fargo& Company as the CEO. On joining Fortress, he will be the senior advisor to the leadership team and even participate actively in the investment committees. Timothy will be working in the Los Angeles office.

Peter Briger, an executive officer at Fortress retaliates that Timothy J. Sloan can be enlisted as among the highly talented managers in fiscal services, and the company is excited to include his prowess in the team.

He also says that Fortress investors and funds will relish Timothy’s deep exposure, tangible commercial instincts, global industry relationships, as well as intellectual rigor. Timothy Sloan claims that he relishes close interactions with Fortress for more than 20 years and respects the leadership team, investment performance, and discipline, as well as the resources and exposure applicable on behalf of the investors.

He also claims that the team has developed a venture based on investment control as well as a targeted focus on crisis management in New York. Timothy is happy to be part of this amazing business that is positioned for the tough investment markets where the chances and risks are interrelated.

Timothy J. Sloan kick-started his career in 1987 at Wells Fargo and took up several leadership roles in real estate activities as well as credits. He also headed commercial and financial groups as a CFO. For five years from 2010, he took up several duties in Wells Fargo, and after more than three decades he retired and joined Fortress Investment Group.