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CashFX is a trading platform that provides all-in-one trading services.

They work with brokers regulated by professional boards such as the Financial Conduct Authority of London, Financial Services Authority of Dubai, Financial Authority of Seychelles, and the Financial Conduct Authority of South Africa.

CashFX has a trading package for learners, the Trading Academy Pack (TAP) which helps millions of people gain financial freedom through the provision of tools for accessing expertise guidance in forex.

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The trading academy allows beginners to learn and earn at the same time.

Trading experts teach students how to efficiently trade, from the basic concepts to the advanced levels.

CashFX provides opportunities to people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, with their contracts ranging from 300 dollars to 100,000 dollars.

70% of the students’ investments go to the trading pool, while thirty percent goes to TAP, and is absorbed into the compensation plan.

Should you decide to quit the program, the company refunds your seventy percent fee, minus any penalties.

In CashFX, you can either choose to be a bear (investor) or a bull (network builder).

A bear earns 200% of their investment amount, but it can upgrade any time before they achieve its target.

A bull earns 200% from the investment pool and an additional 200% from the networking side, which includes Unilevel commission, Fast Start Bonus, and the matching bonus on the matrix.

To become a bull, you should recruit at least one person into the company.

Recruiting earns you extra commission and lessens the time you take to achieve your target.

You can track all the commissions you have earned from your referrals from your dashboard.

It shows both the percentage you earn on the network and on the trading pool.

The CashFX platform is designed and built by the company’s experts exclusively for the members’ use.

It offers transparency as members can view details of their entire trading history from their dashboards.

The systems are protected with layered security and facilitate quick payment transactions.

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