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Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn, now the CEO of Maven, has enjoyed a lengthy career in media. From television networks to internet companies, his resume includes a long list of major organizations. This experience has proven invaluable as Levinsohn goes about turning Maven and its flagship publication, Sports Illustrated, into profitable institutions with staying power.

Levinsohn’s Background in Media

Ross Levinsohn brings more than 30 years of media experience to his latest post. Having worked in print, digital, and television media, he has a comprehensive understanding of general principles and best practices. At Fox, where he led all internet operations, he took charge of major websites including Fox He served briefly as the interim CEO of Yahoo, putting him at the helm of one of the world’s biggest internet companies. As the CEO of Tribune Interactive, he got a taste of the newspaper industry. Throughout his career, Levinsohn has remained committed to seeking novel solutions to longstanding problems. This is the same attitude he has brought to his latest position.

New Role in Charge of Maven

Ross Levinsohn became the CEO of Maven in 2020, about a year after taking the reins at Sports Illustrated. The company, with its focus on superior technology and excellent content, has proven the perfect landing spot for an executive of Levinsohn’s talent.

Recent Success With Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is a publication with decades of history, but proud traditions alone won’t protect the magazine from a changing media landscape. Levinsohn acknowledged that fact immediately, and he’s made it his mission to bring the magazine into the digital age. Using a trusted set of strategies to build loyalty among digital subscribers, Levinsohn has managed to bring meaningful change to one of the country’s most storied magazines.

A Commitment to Making Necessary Changes

Levinsohn has never been one to rest on his laurels. While he remains wary of making changes just for the sake of it , he is always prepared to make necessary adjustments. This is just the type of attitude that should bring Sports Illustrated further success in the months and years ahead.