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Eric Lefkofsky has made a significant contribution to data analysis and its use. First when he co-founded Groupon, and the second time through Tempus, a biotechnology company helping medical experts fight against cancer. Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Groupon and later founder of Tempus, had no idea he would end up contributing to the biomedical field. As a young programmer entering the business world, he only thought of digital success. Later in life, when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he realized experts in the medical field lacked technology tools to analyze and organize medical data and testing capacities. This reason is why he founded Tempus, a company specializing in data collection and testing for cancer. The recent pandemic has also led him to focus the company’s attention on data collection and use for covid-19 patients. Thanks to this data technology Eric Lefkofsk can help medical experts find insight into hard to diagnose diseases. Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2015 and today continues as its CEO. Tempus is ranked 6 on CNBC’s top 40 list for its work in helping medical professionals diagnose and treat cancer through the genomic test, which analyzes genes that may influence cancer and its outcome.

Lefofsky’s Work with Covid-19

As of 2020, Tempus has also worked with the testing of Covid-19 and offers testing in the Chicago and Atlanta laboratories. The company currently makes about 10,000 tests per day. Tempus has also started an initiative to keep the data of 50,000 patients who have tested positive. Experts hope this data will show which genetic characteristics cause-specific outcomes.