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Excellent marketing is pivotal to the success of any enterprise as its customers get to know or are reminded that the business exists. However, marketing, just like many other aspects of business, is an ever-evolving field. Eduardo Sonado, the founder and CEO of Eduardo Sonado Advisory, is a first-class UK-based international marketing guru with decades of experience in the field. He launched his company in 1995, and he has helped numerous companies in all sectors maximize the return on investments and the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Recently, Sonodo did an interview explaining the most significant marketing trends of 2021.

Specifying purpose

This iconic marketing advisor mentioned that numerous research has proven that customers prefer associating with companies that know why they exist and the purpose they serve. Throughout the pandemic, many businesses that had previously not specified their purpose and motivation for existence had difficulty surviving. In many cases, they ended up failing. Eduardo Sonoda said that this is why in 2021, many enterprises are creating marketing campaigns with content geared towards making their purpose well-known to their prospective customers. He mentioned that this is aimed at making these businesses more relatable to their market.

Creating innovative partnerships

This UK entrepreneur said that many businesses facing challenges that were impossible for them to overcome by themselves during the pandemic went into partnerships. This move opened many enterprises to the possibilities of what they can achieve through partnerships. Eduardo Sonoda mentioned that in 2021, companies are embracing creating innovative partnerships that can help them achieve their objectives and vision. He pointed out that Ford Motor Company partnering with 3M, GE Healthcare, and United Auto Workers to manufacture ventilators is an excellent example of this trend catching on. Other notable examples of these innovative partnerships between Simens AG and Additive Manufacturing Network to produce medical equipment. Learn more: